Fact Sheet

Our concrete grooving method …
  1. Eliminates splits and injuries
  2. Is easy to clean, more sanitary than rough surfaces, and improves water runoff
  3. Protects manure-handling equipment from damage by concrete chips or sand
  4. Makes floors safer for people and machines
  5. Does not require washing or brushing floors before we come, just your normal scraping
  6. Uses a machine that does not spook the cows—jobs can be completed with cows inside
  7. Uses a method that is spark-, dust-, and chip-free by using 1-inch diamond blades
  8. Doesn’t pound on the floor, so thinner concrete can be grooved without damage
  9. Can be completed with minimum down time for your work—our equipment grooves approximately 1,000 square feet per hour
  10. Has us doing all the work—your manpower can perform regular duties
  11. Requires no clean up—cows can walk on the grooved area immediately
  12. Uses grooves scientifically designed for no damage to cow hooves or vehicle tires
  13. Eliminates the cost of using sand, grit, etc.
  14. Is cost-effective—one or two cows saved usually pays for the job
  15. Creates permanent grooves—no need to redo every few years; guaranteed for the life of the concrete
  16. Is a PERMANENT CURE, not a temporary “Band-Aid” repair like roughing up