Dairy Barn Grooving

How many quality cattle have you lost because of slippery concrete floors, alleys, yards, and holding pens? Concrete grooving can avoid this costly loss. Concrete grooving is a low cost, effective method of providing a skid- and slip-resistant surface for men, machines, and livestock.

  • Reduce skidding animals, hoof trimming, broken legs, and splits (see article)
  • Improve footing, heat detection (for mating), and milk production (see article)

We use three groove patterns (click on any image to view a larger version of it):

Straight cut Cross cut Diamond cut


The high-quality, long-term results of CGI’s work comes in part from of our unique grooving method. Compare CGI’s grooving method to other methods:



We at Concrete Grooving International pride ourselves on having the most effective grooving method in the country. In the over 35 years we have been in business, we have done extensive research with veterinarians and farmers on the widths and depths of grooves that would fix the problems of slippery concrete floors, protect the animals’ feet, and improve heat detection.

For more information on the benefits of concrete grooving for dairy farms, click on the links below: